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Here you can view information regarding recordings, scores of my compositions, and press reaction to performances and recordings.


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thompson_brass-2014 “Music for Brass & Organ”
Thompson Brass Enbsemble.
MSRCD – MS1481. 2014


Hard copy and PDF scores of my compositions are currently being prepared to preview and purchase. Contact me directly with specific requests.


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featured: Confluence

“Poet J.D. Scrimgeour and musician-composer Philip Swanson are engaged in a fascinating endeavor, exploring the parallel and entwined paths of syncopated poetry and meditative melody. Swanson’s piano and trombone passages are much more than ‘accompaniment,’ and Scrimgeour’s recited verse are not merely ‘lyrics.’ Both of these artists are deeply grounded in the classic literature of their respective traditions, and the results of this dynamic collaboration are resonant, eloquent, and enjoyable. Our audience for their performance in Robert Frost’s old barn were transported.”

— Jim Schley, poet, former director of The Frost Place and author of As When, In Season